Close the loop between your content and your customers.

You've invested time and money into your blog posts. Your content marketing game is on point. It helps you to get new customers, but what about educating your existing customers? It's time to bring your blog to them.


Teach your customers what you know. Show them what you've been working on.

One of the best places to reach your customers is on the page where they sign into your app. It's been a missed educational opportunity for too long.

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Improve customer retention.

Customers who get value from your product stick around. Your blog shows them how to get the most out of it.

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Fits right in.

We inject Surfacer right into the source of your web page, so it picks up the CSS styles that you're already using.

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You'll barely know it's there.

Our code snippet has no external dependencies and it's only 456 bytes. It won't slow down your page loads.

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